17th - 19th December 2020


Letting nature’s bounty tell their stories through minimal intervention using predominantly Japanese culinary techniques, Jeffrey interprets seasonal Japanese ingredients through his Singaporean roots to curate unique Omakase menus for his guests.


Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support! 

We are no longer accepting reservations for the Kitchen takeover by Ovenbird for the 17th to 19th December.
The chef will be back on the 22nd to 24th December so do place your reservations now by calling 69706950 or contact us on any of our social media! 

A self-taught chef without any F & B experience, Jeffrey embarked on his culinary journey back in 2015 buy starting a personal blog (Ovenbird’s Home Kitchen) documenting his cooking experiments at home. He amassed a strong 35,000-strong following on Facebook through his detailed documentation of unique, home-style dishes spanning different cuisines. That same year, Jeffrey started what was arguably Singapore’s earliest private dining experiences with his “Experimental Kitchen” series of supper clubs featuring fusion menus, often with his own wine and sake pairings.

Over the next few years, the Ovenbird Experimental Kitchen series became a popular fixture in the local private dining scene, spreading largely through word-of-mouth with virtually no media coverage or advertising. He gradually developed a deep love for Washoku (Japanese cuisine) and began to experiment and refine Japanese cooking techniques through his supper club from 2017.

In 2019, Jeffrey left his successful corporate career in healthcare and education to pursue his cooking interest full time, specialising in Japanese cuisine (Washoku), with a focus in aged Japanese seasonal seafood. Classic Japanese specialties such as Anko Nabe (Monkfish hotpot), Hamo Botan (boiled Daggertooth Pike Conger Eel), Anago Claypot Rice, seasonal sashimi and kappou-style dishes became regular features at his supper club, which is often sold out for months on end. A 6-week stint at the Tokyo Sushi Academy (Tsukiji) in fall 2019 added Edo-Mae style sushi to Chef Jeffrey’s repertoire of offerings at his supper club, melding his interest in aged Japanese seafood with the art of sushi.

Chef Jeffrey will be launching his own 8-seater Omakase restaurant in Eastern Singapore in early 2021.

Menu for 17th to 19th Dec:

1. Hokkaido Hotate Kyuri And Karasenju
2. Early winter sashimi featuring Toyama Kan Buri, Tsushima or Hokkaido Saba, Kan Sawara and curated condiments
3. Shimane Pref Ankimo with home made Sudachi and Mikan Ponzu, Tobiko marinated in Ikasumi
4. Fisherman’s miso soup
5. Choice of Wagyu Shin or Kurobuta Pork Belly Curry with Ibaraki Koshihikari
6. Seasonal fruits.

Menu for 22nd to 24th Dec:

1. Hokkaido Kegani (Horsehair Crab) Chawanmushi with Tosazu
2. Kasube (Japanese Skate) with Satsumaimo (Sweet Potato) Nitsuke
3. Kegani Miso Soup
4. Seasonal Sashimi
5. Nodoguro (Black Throat Sea Perch) Claypot Rice with Kimo (Liver) sauce
6. Seasonal fruits