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Located in the bustling borough of Holland Village, where the arts, food, wine and connection comes to life. 

At Heirloom, we believe that there is something for every palate. Cosy up here for an evening of taste-tangling over fine dining, casual dinner with friends or late night drinks with an extensive wine list and alternative wines which feature female sommeliers’ who have shattered glass ceilings in the wine-making industry. 

You’re in for a treat. 


Heirloom Bistro

Heirloom, a unique story within.

Every bottle tells a story.
At Heirloom, we marry art and wine. Distinctively feminine artwork on some of our wine bottles feature stories of both the artist and the female winemaker, weaving their stories into a beautiful tapestry that is a treat for your senses.

Intermingling of passion and taste.
Our taste-tangling seize the kitchen scene of the old and new. Cooking collaborations with retired guest chefs and aspiring chefs hands over total control of our kitchen to create flavourful experiences unlike others over the weekends.

No matter what family heirlooms you have, how big or small, each one tells a unique story – of a person or a place of its origin. These beautiful stories still brings families and people together as they continue to be shared and re-shared, stitching hearts together across generations.

All the things we do, we do in the spirit of Heirloom.

(May the spirit of  “heirloom” be passed from one generation to another.)

Kitchen Takeover

Each week a different chef will showcase their menu.

Heirloom is a place for you to come together for meals with family and friends, to share traditions and good times, and the opportunity to try envelope-pushing food with these one-off dining events where guest chef(s) put together a menu that comprises their dishes. 

Every touch point is thought about, the menu and wine list is completely customised the way they are designed to be savoured – honouring both people and palate, simultaneously. 

Scroll down for information on our upcoming Kitchen Takeover. 

Better together : Chef Kitchen Takeover x Heirloom

Think you have what it takes to run a kitchen? 
Is it your passion to create new dishes or cooking for others?

We are always looking for passionate and committed chefs ready to serve and delight our customers.

If you’re interested in a Kitchen Takeover,
reach out to us!

Kitchen Take Overs

22nd – 24th April 2021, Dinner @ 6pm.

Upcoming Chef is :

Chef Jean Rene

“Chef Jean-Rene Masson”, born in Normandy’s countryside, best place on earth…

Nature, respect and generosity are my motto in the cuisine.

The best food you can cook doesn’t depend only on the ingredients but also on the passion you have to make it.

I love cooking French traditional food, revisit them with a twist but without denature them.

Following the silk road, from the spices of North Africa to the Sichuan pepper of China,

the world is full of amazing product and we chef are her to mix them for you.

Head over to our news & updates to see what he is bringing to you at Heirloom Bistro.