Women & Wine

Female Winemaker Series

An introduction to the female winemakers stories of their journey in winemaking. How they stand out from the male dominated industry

Story of 1st Female Winemaker:

Domaine Feuillat-Juillot Cuvee Camille Montagy

The prodigy daughter returns.

Camille, like her mother, always had a passion for wine and nature. When she was young, she would spend a lot of time outdoors and would always tell her mom that she was attracted to the wonderful smell of the wine cellar.

As she was growing up, she never considered working in the wine business. After high school, she went to University and studied Economics and Law partly because was not sure of what she wanted to do. She was curious about a lot of things.

In 2012, Camille realized her passion for wine and decided that she wanted to work in the wine industry. Following that she signed up for a master’s degree in ‘International wine business’ in Montpellier. In 2013, after her graduation, she decided to move abroad to get more experience and to improve her English. In 2014, she moved to the USA, in California where she found a job in a winery in Napa Valley. After 2 years in the USA, she returned to France and created her own company with her best friend in the Languedoc-Roussillon area. The goal was to provide marketing services to all the operators of the wine industry.

After 3 years in the South of France, she felt the call of Burgundy and decided to move back to Burgundy and work with her mom at the Domaine for good!

She wants to convey through her wines, the feel of “Passion, Emotion and Elegance”. Camille is also working to convince people to stop focusing only on the labels & big names, just focus on the product and that there are so many good wines everywhere.

by Jennifer Chalken

Where to view her work

Her art pieces are displayed in Heirloom @ Holland & Frenchie @ 81 Tras Street. 

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