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Resident Artist

Jennifer Chalklen

A self taught Contemporary Realist Artist from New Zealand, who began oil painting in Jakarta, and is currently based in Singapore. Primarily working in oil on canvas, she also experiments with mixed media and limited edition  light sculptures.

Artist Statement:

With my paintbrush I summon an invisible world into existence through  visceral gentle brushstrokes stemming from an emotion that I am trying to place. My works ask more questions than they provide answers, hypnotic and quiet, the muted tones flickering between the real and the surreal, the seen and the felt, the layers of consciousness that eventually dissolve in the light. I paint the invisible spaces between us, the places we meet each other. the shared space and experience  that is created by two people and how that space is occupied in physical and metaphysical form.

​I observe the intricacies of the female experience and femininity, the connections between people, our subconscious, and articulating a visual response to the life force that binds us together, and our connection to the  outside world. Light as a force is beautiful and delicate, soft, and strong.  I attempt to capture in my work  is the constant, unwavering variable in my existence. This is the place where I paint from, in this life which feels like perpetual transit,  it has become a place to rest, a home.

To Purchase the Artwork

Please call us at +65  6970 6950 between
12:00pm – 09.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

Where to view her work

Her art pieces are displayed in Heirloom @ Holland & Frenchie @ 2 Teck lim Road. 

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